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#1 Ungating


Trying to access a less competitive and highly profitable area of the marketplace?

Why Us

Why Us

Nothing special, we just operate differently

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are offering a full refund in case we are unable to get you approved for your desired Category/Brand.


Safe and Secure

We always use authentic documentation for the case submitted. Hence there is no chance that it can negatively impact your seller account.


100% Success Rate

We have had a 100% success rate so far. For every client, we have had a history of getting approval within 24 hours.

How We Do It

Here's our simple four step process


You Choose a Category/Brand

You submit your purchase and we get in touch with you on email to get more information on your choice of Category or Brand. 

We Request Some Basic Info

We will be needing some basic info about your seller account in order to make a retail purchase on your name from our authorised distributor.

We Set Up Your Documents

We get the invoice issued from our distributor in your name with other documents e.g. product images and other compliance documents within 24 hours.

We Get You Approved

We submit the case on your seller account on your behalf with all the relevant documents and an appeal template and get you approved.


We know what you have on mind


Which Category/Brand do you deal in?

We deal in almost every Category/Brand. Any Category/Brand can be ungated if the correct documentation is provided.

Are your Suppliers Authentic?

Yes, all our suppliers are authentic. This is the reason we have a 100% success rate so far.

My Seller Account is New, Can I Get Approved?

Can it Risk My Seller Account?

We always use authentic documentation provided by our authorised distributors hence there is no risk to your seller account.

Yes, It doesn't matter if your seller account is new, we can get you approved

Our Services

Fulfil your ungating needs today


Category Ungating

Starting From Only $299

All Amazon categories

(Tier B)

Starting From Only $399

For Brands like Marvel, Loreal and Revlon etc

(Tier A)

Starting From Only $899

For Brands like Nike, Addidas and Apple etc

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Consult with us and get a customised quote in less than 30 mins.

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